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PRO Coaching and Mentoring

Every stage of business growth has unique challenges. Whether you’re just starting out looking to make 5-figures, growing a 6-figure business, or scaling to 7-figures and beyond, you need support to match. 

Each of our coaching and mentorship programs are designed to match the unique requirements for each stage of business growth and development, your business can only grow as much as you are willing to grow.

Financial PRO is unique in that we believe you already have the power and responsibility to change and control your destiny. We are not into excuses, we’re into action, giving you the most innovative tools and tactics to unleash clarity and confidence to achieve results and lasting success, fast.

We aren’t here to tell you what you want to know, we will tell you what you need to know. This will lead you towards proactive and innovative growth; professionally, personally and financially.

“Your business will only grow as much as you are willing to grow” – Gary Das

Our coaching and mentorship programmes incorporate
4 key elements to drive high performance:

  • Innovative methods – High quality training developed and tested in real-world businesses, created by Gary Das, alongside input from other successful entrepreneurs in their fields
  • Peer group – We take great care to create and promote an environment where you can connect and learn from other like-minded business owners.
  • Accountability – To keep you inspired and motivation levels high we help you stay accountable. Making sure you are aligned with your vision, mission and values while reaching your goals.
  • Resources – We provide exclusive access to training, guest experts, templates, materials, guides, webinars and more so that you achieve your goals.

Our PRO coaching is focused on 5 critical steps to
start or grow your business without the stress:

The model is a virtuous spiral, in which every revolution is moving you forward and upward, closer to your goals.

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PRO Coaching

Coaching for mortgage or insurance advisers who want accountability, support and guidance to achieve your goals

As a coaching client, you get a bespoke plan based on your unique problems and challenges to help you fast track the journey and reduce the stress of figuring it alone.

Whether you’re growing your business, building a team, or scaling from 6 to 7 figures; we can help you. Like you, many of our clients want to attract ideal clients, improve processes/systems, build high performing teams, increase sales or all of the above. 

We get to know your business now and where you want it to be in the future so we can help you to focus on the right actions to help you achieve those goals without losing time with your family and making huge sacrifices.

If you want to find out more about coaching and get clarity on your current situation, please book your free strategy call.

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